Godelieve Schrama


Godelieve Schrama plays the entire harp repertoire. She has mastered the various playing styles down to the minutest details, focusing intently on serving the music. Schrama has garnered praise for her clear, lucid performances, which give free rein to all the accents and nuances embodied in a given work. In 1996, she was awarded the Dutch Music Prize – the highest distinction conferred on classical musicians in the Netherlands – for her work.

Schrama has a preference for challenging pieces that do justice to the expressive potential of the solo harp. Accordingly, she is constantly exploring all manner of compositions, assessing their power of expression as it can be conveyed by the harp. This is an ongoing process, one that sometimes transports her to unexpected places in music history.

'As an independent musician, I have the freedom to choose my own repertoire and the partners with whom I collaborate based on the unwavering criteria of quality, professionalism and expressivity. I very much enjoy difficult pieces. One learns so much when intensely involved with a complex score. What is it that the composer wishes to communicate? It's interesting to figure that out by gradually making the piece your own. I also enjoy working on unusual repertoire and am always on the lookout for compositions which were originally scoreds for other instruments but which also work well on the harp.'


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